Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What about food items?

A - No unwrapped or open food products should be present during the application procedure. These items will need to be removed to a contained area until the quarantine of an hour has passed.

Q - Are my pets safe?

A - All pets must be removed from the premises/property and remain so for the specified time following the application procedure. ** Please note ** We will not undertake any work where any type of aquarium or fish tank is present.

Q - Will it damage my electrical equipment?

A - It is safe for electrical items to be disconnected or in standby mode.

Q - Do you undertake out of hours visits?

A - Yes, we understand that minimal disruption is essential and that some premises/work places will require the work to be carried out following close of business.

Q - Will it harm my house plants

A - It is recommended that you remove or protect them by covering them over.

Q - I have canvas artwork hanging on my wall, should i remove them?

A - If you have concerned we would recommend to remove or cover them as an extra precaution

Q - Are your technicians trained to use the equipment ?

A - Yes, our technicians are fully trained and experienced to use the equipment and the product safely.

Q - How long before we can return to the premises?

A - The property/premises must be vacated for an hour following the completion of works. Or, in the case of a vehicle a time frame of 30 minutes is recommended.

Q - Is your product safe?

Yes, our product is compliant to BSEN1276 and BSEN13697 standards. The product is non-allergic and poses to risk to humans or the environment. For further information please see full data sheet here and download if required.

Q - How long does it take?

A - This is dependent on the size of the building/work space involved. We would need to establish this before before providing a time frame. However, we can provide a couple of examples: 2 Bed House/Flat - approximately 1/2 - 1 hour. Bus/Coach - approximately 20-30 minutes.

Q - Will it stain my furniture and carpets?

A - The product is non-toxic, non-tainting non-corrosive and odour free. It is suitable for use on hard surfaces and soft furnishings.

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