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We are proud and pleased to be able to offer our outstanding carpet and upholstery cleaning in Bristol and North Somerset using the unique, market-leading Texatherm System developed and manufactured in the UK – right here at Weston Super Mare. We’re thoroughly trained, equipped and experienced in the use of this patented process which combines a chemical reaction with a heated pad, creating a capillary wicking action, drawing dirt and stains up and out of the fibres. Not only can we deliver superb results with the Texatherm process, but drying time is just around 30 minutes, so you can be back living on your clean disinfected and sanitised carpets as we drive away.

Regular professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is essential, not just to keep your home looking fresh and well-kept, but also because cleaning prolongs the life of fabrics and carpeting. Extracting dirt and soiling from the fibres slows down frictional wear and tear. Carpets are repositories for all sorts of unseen bacteria and allergens, that build up unseen in the fibres. Cleaning removes them and improves the air quality in your home, ensuring your floor is a hygienic base for a healthy lifestyle. The Texatherm cleaning system we use both deep cleans and sanitises carpets and upholstery, using specially formulated cleaning chemicals – pre-sprays, stain removers, neutralisers, odour removers and protectors for example – that meet strict performance, safety and quality criteria.

Our experience from cleaning carpets and upholstery in and around Bristol a number of years ago, we have built up a reputation for excellence, both in the results we achieve and for our commitment to customer service. We’re prompt and punctual, and try to be flexible so as to do the cleaning at your convenience, causing as little disruption to your routine as possible. We’re a local, independent family-run business based in Portishead, and you’ll find us friendly and pleasant to deal with, with very competitive pricing. We expertly clean all types of carpeting (including wool) and upholstery fabric for domestic and commercial clients, without the risk of stretching, shrinking or fading. Leading carpet manufacturers recommend a deep clean once a year.

We invested in the latest carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, were trained to use it effectively, and have gained a great deal of experience in cleaning and renovating dirty carpets and upholstery in Bristol and surrounding areas

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