About Us

We are a cleaning and restoration business with over fifteen years experience. We have gained our knowledge and skills through dealing and working with the UK's top Insurance Companies, cleaning and sanitising flood and fire damaged properties throughout the country.
We are now engaged in using our experience, training and equipment in the fight against the spread of covid-19. Our aim is to provide protection to individuals in the workplace and domestic settings using a fogging system that provides deep cleaning and sanitising, minimising the risk of disease and illness, destroying germs, making them clean and free of all bacteria and viruses.

The benefits of a fogging system;
☑️ Very little disruption
☑️ Reduces cost of absenteeism
☑️ Fast and cost efficient service
☑️ Decontaminates viral outbreaks
☑️ Certificate of disinfection cleaning
☑️ Return to your vehicle after 30minutes
☑️ Return to your premises after 60minutes
☑️ Reduces risk of infectious disease outbreak
☑️ 24/7 availability across Bristol & South West
☑️ Kills 99.9999% of Viruses & Bacteria (Including Covid-19)

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